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Our mission is to provide sustainable housing to communities that are in-need or have lost housing in natural disasters world-wide. We dedicate ourselves to providing the highest quality product quickly. On time. On budget. No hassle.

We will hire local unskilled labor to work along with our crew and create jobs. We will leave those same works as skilled labor when we are finished. All homes and buildings meet local and governmental code requirements. Our buildings are energy efficient and will not require the routine maintenance of the average wood framed home or building.

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3rd October 2012


We are progressing in Jamaica and just received conceptual consent for a Development of a minimum 350 Homes, 45 Square Meters Living Area with a covered Carport near Kingston.

In addition, RH Homes also received positive response to an Offer placed for 370 acres of Development Land which RH Homes is contemplating in Developing as a complete Community and Residential area over the next 5 years.
Follow up on news on this development should occur within the next two weeks.

3rd October 2012


RH Homes is pleased to announce an association with a Canadian Company in the Supply and Support of Street LED Lamps and Posts, New or Retrofit, Solar Powered or Grid supplied.

3rd October 2012


A delegation from RH Homes is heading to South Africa in mid November to hold meetings with Government Institutions and discuss the opportunity of establishing ventures whereby RH Homes would be Manufacturing and Constructing Affordable Homes to the thousands in wait for Good, Solid and Affordable residences.

Current and upcoming projects

Latest project

Check back with us soon for information on our new projects.

Project name 3

Check back with us soon for information on our new projects.

Project name 2

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Project name 1

Check back with us soon for information on our new projects

Our building process

  • Clients attend a face to face meeting to discuss plans
  • The building is engineered to meet code compliance and architectural plans
  • A 3D model is generated so you can see your project and confirm details
  • Land is cleared and leveled
  • Utilities lines are installed
  • Slab is poured and floated
  • 3D plan is loaded into our system & steel coil is loaded for rolling
  • Steel for the project is rolled to match the design and labeled for easy assembly
  • Parts are loaded into containers for shipping & unloaded at building site for easy assembly
  • Panels are assembled at construction site by Riverhead Homes crew and local labor
  • Panels are built & framing is completed



Phase 1

  • Plumbing, electric and insulation are installed
Phase 2

  • Interior and exterior cladding is completed
  • Windows & doors are installed
  • Exterior is prepped for painting or stucco installation
Phase 3

  • Interior painting
  • Interior tile and appliances are installed
  • Exterior painting or stucco is completed



One house can be fully completed in four Days with proper preparation!

Our internal process

CAD CAM(Computer aided design, computer aided manufacturing) roll forming – all components are produced on automated machines with computer-controlled forming rolls. 3D Modeling allows us to cut and label each piece of metal precisely. This brings simplicity to the construction process.

Material specifications – All products manufactured by Riverhead Homes comply with the Steel Stud Manufactures Association (SSMA) and have a minimum yield stress of 33 to 50 kips per square inch (ksi).



Our system brings many advantages. Most notable are:


    • Closer tolerances:  roll forming cross-section offers closer tolerances


    • Repeatability:  repeatability is inherent in the process and there is less rejection problems


  • High speed:  Our process can produce up to 2,500 m2 per day which makes quick work out of big projects and makes roll forming a preferred process for high volume production.



    • Less secondary operations or low labor costs:  Roll forming is often implemented as a cost cutting measure because secondary and often labor intensive operations can be done on the line. This includes punching, piercing, notching, embossing, lancing, louvering, slitting, bending, cutting, bundling and labeling.


  • Increase construction speed:  A six man crew can produce a 60 m2 house in five days.

Solar power

The intention of establishing RIVERHEAD HOMES as one of the most prominent “Affordable Homes” Builders, an emphasis is also set on delivering Energy Efficient Homes. In order to be in a position to do so, RIVERHEAD HOMES has been in consultation with numerous solar energy components manufacturers and selecting the best available options to suit their developments. In considering our proposed Jamaican project, where there will be 2390 homes and apartments to be developed on 69 acres, the need for electricity is high. RIVERHEAD HOMES plan is to set up a 5 MegaWatt Solar Panel Mini Power station, supported by battery back-up and emergency generator.


This should be able to support the necessary and basic requirements for most of the homes.


The Investment in the Mini Power Station would return the investment in a period of three years and should therefore benefit the community with lower rates than the existing Jamaican Power Supply company.


In most of the homes, the cooking energy will be of portable propane gas in steel bottles, which will reduce the need for higher Solar Power Input.

In another development aspect of the community, the introduction of Solar Self Supportive Street Lamps will be used.  This will not only reduce the charges on the Infrastructure costs to the Developer, the City and POWER Supply Company but also on the maintenance costs and bulb replacements.


On individual developments of smaller nature, the intent is to supply an individual system generating enough Electricity for the individual basic needs of the Home.


In a case of this nature the costs for the introduction of the Solar System would be passed onto the cost of the home owner who will then be the responsible person for the system.


Maintenance on these systems is very minimal and requires cleaning of the face of the PV Panel in order to receive clear solar rays.  All Homes will have a Solar Water Heater on the roof generating Hot Water and pressurized supply.


RIVERHEAD HOMES is proud to make the statement that we are working in conjunction with all of our suppliers in making all Affordable Homes, “Green Homes “.

What is Riverhead Homes

Riverhead Homes is based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and manufactures steel framed homes, apartments and buildings for countries and communities with citizens in-need of safe, durable housing.


Riverhead Homes works with governments, businesses, non-profit and community organizations to develop affordable housing communities for people who normally would not be able to gain access to safe, long-lasting homes. We accomplish this by manufacturing steel framed homes which are cost effective, low maintenance, energy efficient and strong. Riverhead home are built in days, not weeks! We use local labor and provide jobs!


Riverhead Homes are built with galvanized steel frames which are commonly used in commercial construction. This frame gives each home a strong structure to better withstand strong winds, severe storms, storm damage and most earthquakes. A steel frame also allows a wide range of choices for walls, ceilings and general design because no load bearing walls are needed on the interior of the home.

Riverhead Homes specializes in:


  • Multi-unit housing communities
  • Multi-story buildings (up to 20 levels)
  • Large muli-use developments
  • Affordable housing projects
  • Housing projects for governments
  • Projects for reconstruction after disaster
  • Hotels & resorts
  • Apartments buildings
  • Repetitive office buildings
  • Commercial mixed use projects
  • Student accommodations
  • Assisted living communities
  • Hospitals & clinics

Why steel framed construction?

A steel framed building offers superior structural support.

  • Steel has the highest strength-to weight ratio of any residential building material so your structure is solid! Your walls can be concrete or dry-wall and your home is safer than a wood or block home in cases of earthquakes and hurricanes.


  • Steel framing provides closer tolerances. Walls will stay square and ceilings will stay flat because steel does not wear like wood. Corners stay square. No dipping ceilings or bowing walls!


  • Steel is stronger and more durable than wood or cinder blocks.


  • Steel, usually only offered in commercial construction, is now affordable due to the upgrades made to US steel manufacturing plants in the last few years and the increasing price of wood as supplies and quality of wood available diminish.


  • Steel is unaffected by changes in the weather. Your steel framed buildings will not “settle” like wood framed buildings. Walls, doors and windows remain square, floor and ceilings do not buckle and will remain waterproof 50 years from now!


  • Steel doesn’t become fuel in a fire. In some cases steel framed homes may qualify you for lower insurance rates.
  • Steel framed structures are hurricane and earthquake resistant. Humidity does not affect steel.


  • Steel is environmentally friendly. Using steel saves trees, provides lest waste product, is more energy efficient and leave an overall small carbon footprint from manufacturing to project completion.


  • Steel is low maintenance. Buildings have a longer life due to superior qualities of framing material. Steel does not rot, sag, warp, crack or split. Humidity does not affect steel. Steel is termite proof, fungus resistant and cannot be damaged by vermin.


  • Energy efficiency is optimized in steel framed homes. Because of the thickness of the walls, greater insulation can be used. Air leakage causes by expansion of material such as wood do not occur so energy bills are lower and noise is blocked. Giving you a comfortable environment.


  • Design flexibility is superior because interior walls are not load-bearing. This offers greater options in design and ease of remodeling or adding onto your space.


  • Steel is the most recycled material in the world. 66% of steel is recycled.

About us

Riverhead Homes currently operates throughout the Americas as well as other countries around the world. Our staff, technology and machinery has built building and houses for the Ministry of Defense in Algeria, student accommodations for San Luis Obispo Cal Poly Tech in California a building contract for Lennar homes in Temecula California, as well as 40 other projects.

Riverhead Advisors is funded solely by its Founder and CEO Sammy Sosa. Riverhead Homes’ anticipated sales forecast for 2012 is projected to exceed 250 million US dollars.

It is Riverhead Homes’ relentless effort to achieve excellence that sets us apart from our competitors.



Sammy Sosa

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Sosa started his career as one of his generation’s best and most loved baseball players. Since his retirement from sports in 2007 he began a new project building an international multifaceted company. The company focuses on helping developing countries acquire staple commodities and build infrastructure. Aiding the less fortunate by supplying access to affordable housing and food is what Sosa holds dearest to his heart. This drive is what will lead his company to ultimate success. Sosa resides in Aventura Florida, with his family.

Chief Operating Officer

Chief Technology Officer

Jose Antonio Sosa

Chief International Marketing Officer

Mr. Jose Sosa resides in the Dominican Republic and handles product development for new client as well as international marketing strategies. Sosa has been with the company since its inception and has managed several aspects which attribute to Riverhead Homes’ success and growth.

Vice President of Sales and Client Services

In House General Contractor

Gregory Anthony Sillato

General Contractor/In-house Project Manager

In 1999 Greg Sillato began his professional career in the construction industry as a carpenter; in 2001 he was promoted to project manager. During his term as PM. he oversaw many of south Florida’s prestigious housing developments. In 2007 Sillato became a fully license General Contractor and has opened and run one of Florida’s most profitable and professional construction companies before joining the Riverhead Homes team in 2012.

Director of Marketing & Personal Assistant to Sammy Sosa

Sales Representative, Latin America


Why build with steel?


Steel framing projects are cost effective, energy efficient, light weight, easy to handle and manufactured to meet all quality control guidelines in your area. Steel frames are termite proof, resistant to hurricanes, tornados and earthquakes, lightening and not easily combustible. Steel is also good for the environment and energy efficient.

Will my building look different from wood framed or cinder block frames?


No one can tell by looking at your building or office that it is framed in steel. You can choose to look completely different or just the same as other buildings around you. Our homes will have straighter walls with fewer cracks and there are no nail pops to mar the drywall surface.

Will lightning be more likely to hit a steel framed house or building?


Steel framing does not attract lightening and gives you better protection against the damage of a lightning strike than other construction materials. The chances of personal injury are low because the frame provides a direct path to the foundation. This reduces the chance of secondary fires and explosions. The frame does not burn, so it will not be a conduit to spread fire.

Will steel framing interfere with TV and radio reception, phone connections or garage door openers?


No. Waves pass through the walls so all electronics and appliances work exactly the same.

How is the air quality?


Steel framing provides superior indoor air quality. The Healthy House Institute recommends steel framing for chemically sensitive or environmentally conscious home owners. Our homes do not need to be treated with insecticides for termites or mold and do not contain chemicals normally in other construction materials and glues.

Can our homes be built resistant to earthquakes and hurricanes?


Yes, positive connections and the strength of the steel provide greater protection against earthquakes and hurricanes. Steel’s strength and flexibility make it the best construction material for resistance to these natural phenomena.

How much flexibility do I have in designing my building?


Your options are unlimited!

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